Figs : Black Bursa Part 2

Source : Dato Sayed Elias

These are some finding and comparison,actually I asked my Turkish friends to send me 200 boxes of all sizes and grade,my reason is to lets some friends to taste this Turkey cultivar,and the most important is for me to do some small research on the fresh figs production from the world biggest producer of figs product,I was told normally they grade by sizes, the supreme product is Jumbo of BLACK BURSA normally it comes in a box of 14 pieces,1st,2,3,4,photo(jumbo Black Bursa) only healty and matured old plant will produced this sizes,second medium big BLACK BURSA 5th,6,7 photo this quality is the same as jumbo,sweetness same accept it is slightly smaller it comes 18 pieces in a box,these are both high quality figs of Black Bursa. Third,is the smallest to cater for lower market and whole sale market and it is cheap, and the tase is slight less then the both quality earlier, the moral of these finding is simple, our plant in our orchard do produced big figs medium and small,the big one may considered great quality,but you must remember in a plant not all 100% figs are big so we have to sagregate this sizes and normaly among the fig in that plant which is small does not taste like the bigger one( buah terbantut atau masak terlalu cepat) may be due unbalance nutrition or they turn dwarf,so it is a good refference for us for future production if it success In Shaa Allah,so dont be surprised some supermarket are selling one pieces for 10 ringgit( malaysian currencies) and some selling 13 ringgit for 4 pieces

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  1. Hi,
    I have read this story many times but still in doubt that what is 'wasp' to do to the black bursa tree ? Do you mean to pollinate the fig trees, otherwise it will never bear fruits, am I right?