Bare Root Packaging for International

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Source : Dato Syed Elias

IMPORTANT!! Tips for figs plant bare root packaging for international posting(courier)in one of the small forum in Europe they showed me the practice or their SOP on these packaging, Let’s share ;

1. Clean up the entire medium, due to international border crossing, need to be sure no medium (soil or peat moss) to be allowed (1st picture)

2. After the cleaning soak it in the anti fungus solution, they use Copper base anti fungus (2nd picture) only few second, just to wet it evenly

3. Then they cut and trim some root especially the main root (big root) there is a reason, they told me normally the hair or smaller root will support the plant to grow while the main or big root will explore out of the vicinity to look for better nutrient, so we have to maintained the hair root carefully, if there is little root no need to cut the root! (3rd picture) you may also cut the trunk if it is too big, but for me I'll cut off, so that later it won’t burden the plant for growing process, let them grow new foliage

4.Dry them on a piece of cloth, make sure it is really dry, then wrap it with damp kitchen tissue, and later wrap with cling wrap ( normally it is used to wrap your food in the refrigerator)

5. Most important the tagging of varieties, should in place, no tagging no value of plant!!!

All these method and procedure was done to all my bare root figs plant, it also took almost 10 days after the wrapping until I plant them, later I'll show how the pack the full scale plant for export out to other country. To date Alhamdulillah all my bare root survived and excellent growth and even fruiting

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