Ficus Carica is a unique species n has 4 types

My dear sellers n the midst of excitement of fig fever, i hope all of you aware n be more responsible of what you're selling n buying.

Ficus Carica is a unique species n has 4 types.;

1. Capri Fig

2. Smyrna

3. San Pedro

4. Common Fig

As an administrator of the Group, i feel responsible to make you're aware that only no. 4 is worth to be planted in Malaysia. No. 1 n 2 are meant to be existed with each other and require WASP in other for Myrna to produce fruit.

No. 3 will produce 2 types of fruit which is early fruit called breba n main fruit. The breba is common in temperate country while in Malaysia nobody so far would able to produce so. Its main fruit will only mature with the help of Wasp or else will fall off from the tree. But there is no such kind of wasp in Malaysia.

Only no. 4 Common Fig is self fertile and doesn't require pollination. .

Lately, I've seen people selling Desert King in this group. There is nothing can stop you selling or buying. But at least you should know what are you selling n buying. Sorry if my long message hurt some of you..but at least buyer deserve to know the product that they're buying.

Source : FigDirect

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