Moroccan figs cultivar

Moroccan figs cultivar

Rabat,Fes,Meknes,Tangiers,towards northwest Atlas mountain

 smyrna or common figs,

common figs,san pedro and smyrna

Source : Dato Syed Elias

Currently this research station cultivating native(Moroccan) figs cultivar only,Unfortunately due to winter not even a single leaf or fruit left on the plant, these Moroccan native cultivar was attained within the surrounding vicinity along Rabat,Fes,Meknes,Tangiers,towards northwest Atlas mountain,some other area.

They have common figs,san pedro and smyrna type but most of the farmer will use wasp to pollinate their figs whether it is smyrna or common figs,this is because to obtain better quality and bigger fruits. 

Very interesting method used by the this station,where they will only introduce and bring wasp from other district or place once the figs are ready to be pollinated,and they don't plant the caprifig in that particular area,this is because they the wasp not only pollinate the figs it will also damaged the figs through disease transfer,by unwanted and unhealthy wasp,so the caprifig and the wasp will be check and carefully selected before the pollination process,SURPRISINGLY the "common figs" gets pollinated and produced very good yield and quality

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